5 Basic SEO Mistakes to Avoid That Could Kill Your Rankings

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March 7, 2023

Introduction: Basic SEO Mistakes to Avoid

The technique of improving a website for search engines to place it higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) for pertinent keywords is known as search engine optimization (SEO). A website is more likely to get organic visitors and potential clients the higher it ranks in SERPs. Unfortunately, there are several SEO mistakes to avoid that bloggers and marketers still commit and it harms their ranking and ultimately obstructs the expansion of their businesses. 

This blog post will go through basic SEO mistakes that could be causing your website’s rankings to drop. We’ll also give you tips on how to avoid them and make sure you are doing all the right things for successful SEO.

5 Basic SEO Mistakes to Avoid That Could Kill Your Site's Rankings
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#Mistake 1: Ignoring technical SEO: SEO mistakes to avoid

Technical SEO is the optimization of a site’s technical features that effect search engine visibility. Technical SEO includes a number of elements, including mobile responsiveness, website speed, and website architecture. Neglecting technical SEO can result in poor website performance, slow loading times, and lower rankings on search engine result pages.

One instance of a technical SEO error is overlooking image optimization for websites. Unoptimized pictures can cause website loading times to increase, which can have a negative influence on user experience and search engine rankings.


Tips for Improving Technical SEO

  1. Optimize website images: Compress images to reduce file size and improve website loading times.
  2. Minimize HTTP requests: Reduce the number of HTTP requests by minimizing the use of scripts, stylesheets, and plugins.
  3. Optimize website code: Clean up website code by removing unnecessary code and minimizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files.
  4. Implement schema markup: Add schema markup to provide additional information to search engines and improve search engine visibility.
  5. Improve website speed: Use a content delivery network (CDN), optimize server response times, and optimize website performance to guarantee quick website loading times.

5 Basic SEO Mistakes to Avoid That Could Kill Your Site's Rankings

#Mistake 2: Poorly Structured Content

When developing content, it’s crucial to ensure that it is structured in a clear, readable manner because this can affect how users and search engines interpret it. It might be challenging to understand poorly formatted material, which may cause users to leave your site before finding what they are looking for. Here are some of the most SEO mistakes to avoid when structuring your content:

  1. Not using headlines or subheadings: To make your material easier to read, headlines and subheadings serve as an important cue for search engine crawlers. While subheadings should summarize the article’s essential themes, headlines should be catchy and instructive.
  2. Not including internal links: Internal links guide users to other relevant pages on your website, giving them more information about a given subject. Also, internal links inform search engines that your website is valuable and well-organized for improved ranks.
  3. Not formatting text properly: Readers will find it simpler to rapidly scan your material and locate what they need due to text layout. Users will find it easier to read your information if you utilize bullets, numbered lists, bold font, italics, etc.

These are some of the Basic SEO mistakes to avoid which can kill your rankings if left unchecked.

Let’s move to the next point of another SEO mistake that you need to avoid, which is…


#Mistake 3: Ignoring User Experience: SEO mistakes to avoid

Strong user experience is a foundational element of every effective SEO campaign. In the long term, your rankings will suffer if users have a bad time using your website.

Google rewards websites that provide the best user experience by increasing their rankings on SERPs. To provide an optimal experience for visitors, here are five user experience mistakes to avoid:

  1. Slow Loading Times: Pages that load slowly will drive users to leave your website, which will affect your site’s ranks. Make sure that every picture and video is web-optimized, and that Javascript and CSS render-blocking is minimized or completely removed.
  2. Unintuitive Navigation Structure: The amount of time people spend on your website might be decreased by a complicated navigation layout that forces them to constantly utilize their browser’s return button and steers them away from useful material. Make it straightforward and logically arranged using menus that help users quickly and easily find what they’re looking for.
  3. Lack of Mobile Responsiveness: Google now indexes mobile-friendly pages first before any other non-mobile version of a website, so creating a mobile-responsive version of your website is essential if you want organic traffic coming in from search engine results pages (SERPs).
  4. Broken Links & 404 Errors: If search engines encounter broken links or 404 errors during

The next point I am going to be mentioning is a mistake almost every writer makes which is…


#Mistake 4: Complex Navigation and URLs

SEO relies heavily on navigation, but this is a double-edged sword. It is difficult for users to comprehend and, more importantly, for search engine robots to crawl a navigation structure that is overly complicated. They won’t be able to accurately index your pages and content if they don’t understand the navigation.

Pay attention to your URLs as well; make them simple and brief rather than jam-packed with lengthy letters or long strings of digits. Because short, relevant URLs are simpler to read by both people and bots, the search engine will have a better understanding of the pages on your website that are linked to one another.

If you’re unsure whether your URL structure could use an upgrade, consider these simple steps you can take:

  1. Use keywords in the URLs, such as “acme-seo-factory”
  2. Avoid data and other dynamic parameters in the URLs
  3. Create a sitemap page to provide information about how all of your pages connect
  4. Use breadcrumbs on inner pages so that search engines can better understand the website’s structure and hierarchy.

Let’s move to the next step that makes it much easier for search engine bots to crawl and index your site correctly and saving you from avoiding mistakes – leading to improved visibility for your website in SERPs!


#Mistake 5: Forgetting to Monitor Performance: SEO mistakes to avoid

Developing and putting into practice an SEO strategy without monitoring the results is wrong. Yet you won’t be able to tell if your efforts are successful without measuring and tracking performance.

Once your SEO strategy is up and running, it’s important to regularly track the following metrics:

  1. Keywords: Analyze which keywords are driving traffic to the website and determine if there is any potential for further organic growth.
  2. Traffic: Keep an eye on organic search traffic numbers – both overall and at a page level – to see if there is any uplift in rankings or other actions are having an effect.
  3. Rankings: Monitor your website’s position in SERPs for important keywords over time to  gage whether efforts are working or not.
  4. Conversions: Track the success of any content-driven campaigns or SEO optimization initiatives by measuring conversions from SEO visits, both organically and through paid searches.

By consistently going through this SEO strategy, you can stay one step ahead of the competition and make sure that your website’s ranks keep rising.


Ultimately, any firm that wants to succeed in the digital space must maintain a high SEO position. Even seemingly minor SEO errors can have a devastating effect on your website’s search engine rating, wiping out all of your hard work in creating, developing, and marketing your website. It’s also crucial to keep up with any changes because of how quickly the SEO industry is developing and how much Google algorithm updates can impact your ranking. 

Failure to do so may lead to more significant errors from which it may be impossible to recover. You can increase your website’s rating and visibility by following this advice and avoiding frequent errors, which will boost the success of your website.

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